Community Forestry for the Ojai Valley

What is Ojai Trees?

We are a local Ojai Valley community forestry group that welcomes all kinds of people who want to do something tangible to help the environment. Our vision is a healthy Ojai Valley community forest that is sustainable for future generations. Our goal is to inspire people to take personal responsibility for the community forest by participating with us. We are all- volunteer and registered as a non-profit.

Why are healthy trees a benefit?

  • Trees produce oxygen which you inhale; and they take in CO2 which you exhale. That makes us breathing buddies with trees! How cool is that?
  • Trees mean energy cost savings (cooling & heating)
  • Trees increase the resale value of your property and beautify your neighborhood
  • Trees provide direct health and social benefits (safer, reduce stress, less violence)
  • Trees improve air quality by releasing fresh oxygen and removing carbon
  • Trees help the watershed by reducing storm water runoff and stabilizing the soil
  • Trees mean better business in commercial districts (shaded parking - attractive)
  • Trees encourage walking and outdoor activities, and cool parked vehicles

Ojai Valley's Community Forest explained

  • Ojai' s community forest is an aging tree population that is in less than average condition.
  • We need to plant new trees every year to maintain a balanced tree population. The overwhelming majority of trees (approximately 75%) are on private property, so private property owners are the largest group of stakeholders.
  • Ojai' s community forest has about 17% canopy coverage now, and it's not in good shape. Our goal is 25% with healthy trees. Ojai Trees' goal is to plant at least 100 new healthy trees every year.

Tell me more...

Ojai Trees is a grass-roots, non-profit community volunteer organization.

Ojai Trees educates, trains and supports citizens as they plant and care for trees and improve the neighborhood in which they live, work, learn and play.

Ojai Trees assists ordinary citizens in planting trees on their property and in their neighborhood. Our approach is to work within neighborhoods by supporting "Neighborhood Foresters" .

Neighborhood Foresters are trained in:

  • Gathering neighborhood support
  • Selecting the right tree for the right place
  • Ensuring healthy trees through proper tree care
  • Creating a neighborhood planting day for Everyone


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